About Mahtaab FLNG ( MFLNG )

Mahtaab FLNG (MFLNG), as one of the subsidiaries of Mahtaab Group (www.mah-taab.com), is a project company dedicated to develop an offshore associated gas monetization project in Iran through the floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) technology.
Mahtaab Group is a leading private player in the Iran power sector generating around 5% of the total electricity in Iran by its 3.5 GW of installed capacity through 10 operational power plants. The group has started its activities in 2001 with the mission of being a prominent model nationally in development and investment within the energy sector, where it is now composed of 22 subsidiaries and currently looking to enter into the international gas export markets by developing the two private LNG production and export projects in Iran.

Mission Statement

Mahtaab FLNG

To comply with the global climate policies and regulations, the main activity of the Mahtaab FLNG company is to monetize associated gas of offshore oil fields that is strongly in line with Paris Climate Accord. Established in Iran as a country with promising offshore oil and gas reserves, Mahtaab FLNG mission is to play its role in the overall natural gas supply chain in order to supply LNG to the demanding countries all around the globe throughthe FLNG solution.